Artist Quotes

If you are looking for state of the art equipment, great engineering, and a relaxed friendly environment to record your next project in, your search is over. The studio and staff at Crossroads Studios are second to none. I know from experience that it rivals some of the best known studios in the country for quality of sound and attention to detail.
Adam Steffey

Five-time Grammy®-winning mandolinist

To make a good Bluegrass record, you have to have a genuine love for the music, a desire to see the music spread, and a knowledge of how to capture it correctly. The folks at Crossroads Studios have all these traits. I’m proud to call them my friends. I played on my first professional Bluegrass record at Crossroads. The folks there not only showed me great recording techniques, but taught me how work in an atmosphere of respect and instilled in me an attitude of service. I can’t think of a better place to record or better people to record with.
Bryan Sutton

Renowned acoustic guitarist

Professionalism, premier creativity, and a relaxed artist friendly environment with people who care about the end result are just a few of the reasons I prefer Crossroads Studios. You will never regret going to the mountains to record!
Mark Trammell

Mark Trammell Quartet

When I record at Crossroads Studios, I know I can count on three things; I’m going to work with consummate professionals, we’re going to make great music, and we’re going to have fun.
Lauren Talley

The Talleys

The folks at Crossroads Studios are a real pleasure to work with. These guys know their ‘tones’ when it comes to acoustic music.
Sammy Shelor

Lonesome River Band

I’ve been recording at Crossroads Studios most of my career, and I always look forward to getting a chance to be in the studio there. Not only have they cranked out countless high-quality recordings for decades, but they’re some of the finest folks I’ve ever met.

Mark Fain


I’m able to concentrate on the music when working at Crossroads Studios. They know bluegrass, so everything sounds good and the atmosphere is relaxed. I always leave thinking “Boy, that went smoothly!”

Barry Bales

14 time Grammy®-winning bassist, Allison Krauss & Union Station

Crossroads Music Studios is certainly in step with today’s recording technology, coupled with excellent engineers. I know of none better!

Doyle Lawson

IBMA Hall of Fame Member

Crossroads Studios provides all the right ingredients for creating a great musical project. The environment lends itself to creativity and their professional staff and quality of recording is a step above the rest. I highly recommend Crossroads Studios for any recording needs.
Buddy Melton

Balsam Range

I’ve been blown away by your entire organization since the time I first visited Crossroads with my group (Capstone Qt.) back in 2007.  In hindsight, I realize now that you treated me then absolutely no differently than you’ve ever treated me with The Kingsmen.  You guys are without a doubt the best in the business.
Bob Sellers

The Kingsmen

We love working with the team at Crossroads Studios! The location is convenient for us, but working with “The A-Team” of musicians and engineers, in the laid-back atmosphere of Western North Carolina, is the real reason we keep coming back, year after year.

Gerald Wolfe

Greater Vision

I thoroughly enjoy working at Crossroads Studios. It is a wonderful environment for creating music! Every aspect of the recording process is done with excellence.

Mike Speck

Mike Speck Ministries

The folks at Crossroads Studios know how to get a great acoustic sound. They are wonderfully professional, but most important in a recording session, they are a joy to work with.

David Holt

Four-time Grammy® Winner

When I walked in to Crossroads Studios for the very first time, I could feel the peace that reigned in the house. When I met the crew, I could sense an atmosphere of care and hospitality that I’d never met before. To work with the musicians, the sound engineers and the producers at Crossroads, is a true blessing. They are, each and everyone of them, extremely passionate, gifted and talented in their area. I haven’t regretted for one single moment that I made the choice to do my recordings, at the Crossroads studios, and I will also do so in the future. To travel all the way from the Faroe Islands to the Crossroads Studios is well worth the money and the time you spend. If you want quality, that’s what you get at Crossroads Studios.
Eyðun Jacobsen

My favorite aspect of recording acoustic music at Crossroads Studios centers around the desire to make the music and product an extension of Christian ministry. Crossroads is not just another music mill; it is for me a nurturing ground where spiritual detail is first on the list of importance. This is combined with cutting edge technology, a staff of wonderfully capable people, the atmosphere that only a North Carolina mountain location can provide, and a long successful history of recording and marketing great music. I can say with confidence that there is no better environment than Crossroads for acoustic recording.

David Johnson

Studio Musician Extraordinaire

It’s not just the outstanding quality of work you receive from the Crossroads team but each member genuinely cares about you and your ministry.
Arthur Rice

The Kingdom Heirs

Over the past 10 years I’ve had the pleasure of recording at Crossroads in several different capacities from tracking to mixing. The facilities and the staff are second to none. Crossroads is my first choice for quality production and professional service.

Chris Allman

Gospel singer, songwriter, producer

I have always been a fan of Crossroads Studios. The attention they give to detail is incredible and they put the time into each project to make it great! They have some of the most talented studio musicians and engineers in the studio world. I enjoy my recording experience every time.

Ivan Parker

Multi-award-winning Christian Soloist

Our Crossroads Studios experience was second to none.  Most artists in our genre feel that they need to travel to Nashville to produce a quality recording project.  We thought the same, but our budget would not allow for the travel and other expenses involved.  We found that the session players, studio facilities, and audio engineers at Crossroads rivaled anything we had seen.  No question, one of the best in the South!
Joe Lasher Jr.

Solo Artist

I love recording music tracks at Crossroads Studios.  The players and engineering staff are not only extremely talented and quick at what they do, but they are great guys and good friends.  They truly care about the client and their music. The atmosphere they create is a vital component of the success of a recording.
Roger Talley

Producer / Artist

I just wanted to share with you how great my experience was working at Crossroads Studios. The CD I just recorded is the first time I ever listened to a mix from a studio (I’ve been apart of five total) and not only liked what I heard, but loved it and didn’t have anything that I didn’t like in the mix. The vocals in particular are always difficult because everyone has their preference. Scott Barnett knew exactly what I was after and nailed it. You will have my business from here on out when I am in charge of picking a recording location.


Nicholas Dauphinais

The Dauphinais Brothers

I’ve been recording at Crossroads Studios for over 15 years and I hope to be recording there for at least another fifteen! I’m always very pleased with the tone of my mandolin (and all of the other instruments) and the vocals always sound superb. My favorite thing about Crossroads Studios is how comfortable I feel while I’m there and that speaks volumes about the studio staff. I would recommend Crossroads Studios to anyone that is interested in making a top-notch recording in a comfortable environment with state-of-the-art equipment and the finest folks you’ll ever work with!
Danny Roberts

The Grascals

It must be said of all the staff at Crossroads Studios…the standard of which surpasses anything you can imagine; the musicians, the engineers, the production teams…are all an award-winning professional staff with a driving desire to capture your concept and deliver phenomenal work on your project, everyone willing to help. You are then left with something that far exceeds expectation and that is very satisfying. I recommend Crossroads Studios, as do many of our peers in our genre of music. Crossroads isn’t just another recording studio; they are family! It says a lot about any business, when you feel at home in their surroundings.
Thomas MacCalmont

Revelation from Northern Ireland